You are interested in the latest biomedical research? But you do not know anyone who answers your questions? In the www you will find the results of evidence-based research alongside the ideologies of complementary and alternative medicine and the salvific promises of scammers and impostors.

Genetics & genomics; molecular & cellular biology; immunology & immuno-oncology, artificial intelligence & computational biology – I can help you find answers to your questions. For 50 € you can talk to me or one of my associates about your favorite topic for 20 minutes via Skype, get bibliographies & reading recommendations, discuss bioethical & biophilosophical questions, or whatever your favorite biomedical topic in might be.

My particular expertise lies in the areas of immunology & immuno-oncology, molecular & cell biology, genetics & genomics, preclinical & clinical development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & pharmaceutical industries and related practical, theoretical, or philosophical topics.

Payment: The first half of the fee is due at least 24 hours before, the second half after our virtual meeting. If you are not satisfied with the performance, you do not have to pay the second half of the fee. In this case, however, we expect a written statement discussing what you feel is the shortcomings of our service.

Attention: Medical diagnoses, therapy recommendations, etc. are not possible via Skype. But you are welcome to contact my office to arrange a medical appointment. Here we can talk about the scientific background of your actual or suspected illness and discuss the latest state of research in this area.

Personal appointments: We can also meet in person.

  • Individual interview
  • Groups, schools, discussions
  • Presentations
  • Seminars

Terms & conditions will be set up individually.

Written inquires: You can send me your question by email and I will answer you. This can also take the form of a chat. The billing of the time expenditure corresponds to the Skype conversations.

More extensive analyzes or reviews for a special topic require a separate agreement.